About Me

I am a postdoctoral researcher interested in brain connectivity, and how we can combine neuroimaging with computational techniques to improve our understanding of brain networks.

Current Role

I am a Research Fellow in the Progression Of Neurodegenerative Disease (POND) Group at UCL’s Centre for Medical Image Computing. I am working on mechanistic modelling of pathology spread in Alzheimer’s disease, and deep learning methods for mapping brain connectivity.

Previous Work

I completed my PhD in 2021 in the Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of Nottingham, supervised by Professor Stam Sotiropoulos and Dr Matteo Bastiani. During my PhD, I developed new methods for exploring white matter connections in the neonatal brain.

A key part of my PhD project was a new framework for data-driven connectivity mapping (paper here). We used non-negative matrix factorisation to extract white matter connectivity patterns and their corresponding grey matter networks from whole-brain connectivity matrices. This provides a way of extracting white matter bundles from tractography data, without the need for pre-defined regions of interest.


I also developed a new set of tractography protocols for neonates, based on the XTRACT framework. The protocols allow automated tracking of 42 white matter bundles that are equivalently defined for the adult human and macaque, and are included in FSL. We used these protocols to define a common space to study changes in brain connectivity through development and across different species (paper here).